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$100k Price Drop: Two Pre-Roll Machines Now 88% Off

88% Off of Two Custom Pre-Roll Machines by THC Engineering of Oakland that automatically weigh, fill, twist and dispense joints. Each machine rolls approximately 1,000 (half or one gram) joints per hour. One of the machines is Brand New Never Used, the other machine was used for a year.
We constantly get requests for Pre-Roll Machines. Recently we sold two pre-rolls in less than a week, so these won’t last long, especially at this price.
Important Note: THC Engineering has gone out of business, and therefore no longer offers parts or service, hence the super low price. Therefore, if you buy these machines, you should buy them with the intention of using the New Machine for Production, and keeping the second machine in Reserve for Spare Parts. You could also use both machines for production and spare parts could be acquired through 3D Printing.
Package Includes:
• Two (2) Pre-roll Machines by THC Engineering, One Brand New, One Used for a year.
• All necessary accessories for operation.
$100K Price Drop: Was 75% Off, is now 88% Off, the new liquidation price of the package is USD103,532, or a $725K Discount if you prefer.


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