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Established in 1985 by Charles Mitsis, SpectraPure, Inc. is a family owned business located in Tempe, Az and is well known for its innovative water purification systems. SpectraPure’s line of products fulfill the needs of several niche markets; ranging from specialized water purification systems for salt water aquariums, to hydroponics, drinking water, coffee, industrial and commercial pure water systems.

Innovators In Water Technology

Being the first company to introduce the combination of Reverse Osmosis and Deionizing filtration to the aquarium industry, SpectraPure is driven by the scientific approach; research, design, test, manufacture and market. 

SpectraPure excels in the field of innovation, continually pushing the envelope. This approach has brought significant return on investment for SpectraPure, as it continues to develop products of high performance for a growing industry.