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Cleanroom layout, engineering, and performance can play a key role in the highly competitive and increasingly regulated cannabis industry. The cannabis-related industry has many processes that are done in cleanrooms, from growing in highly controlled micro-climates to winterization/distillation/extraction to the manufacturing of final product like edibles and vaporizer cartridges. Cannabis product manufacturers have to balance their need for a quick return on investment vs the fact that the USA, Canada, and Europe are moving to treat cannabis products the exact same as other pharmaceuticals.


Cannabis cleanrooms have all of the same needs as pharmaceutical cleanrooms plus some additional challenging issues. Cleanrooms for cannabis have to control particles (and particle sizes) to comply with Health Canada, FDA, and EU GMP requirements. Unlike most pharmaceutical cleanrooms, these cannabis cleanrooms also have to control pollen contamination between strains as well as mites and other microbial contamination. Cleanrooms that are used to control temperature and humidity during bucking and drying have their own unique needs with much “dirtier” processes.

This start-up, but billion-dollar-plus industry, has created the need for high-quality and robust cleanrooms that can stand up to a harsh work environment within a very fast-paced market. Cleanliness standards from ISO 8 all the way to ISO 5 are appearing as customers try to develop their own value proposition through cleaner, safer handling of the Cannabis product throughout its lifecycle.