Cannabis Equipment Marketplace



MainStem is the leading B2B ecommerce marketplace and integrated supply purchasing platform for cannabis companies. The company was founded in 2014 by Alen and Long Nguyen – two cousins who had the vision and foresight to solve for a massive gap rising in the commercial cannabis industry supply chain. Alen’s depth of experience within infrastructure and supply chain combined with Long’s experience in the cannabis market, the two founders set out to create MainStem, and the integrated purchasing platform was born.

MainStem was started in Seattle, Washington which was one of the two pioneering states in the legalized commercial industry. The company and technology has evolved significantly over the years as customers’ needs have changed from State to Regional, then from National to Global. As a result, the MainStem Purchasing Platform has adapted to meet both current market gaps and future needs.

The MainStem mission has always remained the same – to solve the supply chain issue for the cannabis industry. As MainStem has grown, the two cousins who still operate the business, brought on additional executive talent to help the company reach new heights. Garrett Hampton joined as a Chief Technology Officer, architecting the MainStem software DNA, and Erin Stearns is now serving as the Chief Revenue Officer who is growing the brand and commercial business. Collectively, the Executive Team brings over 30+ years of experience across many different industries, taking SaaS and ecommerce platforms to market, leading and building global teams and channels, and successfully helping companies scale.

Today, the MainStem platform provides access to over 12,000 products from over 485 brands. MainStem enables companies to find the best price on supplies while also simplifying the fragmented finance and operations technology ecosystem. With almost a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, MainStem is dedicated to helping cannabis companies grow with robust technology and by partnering closely with cannabis growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries. You can now work with MainStem in all states and regions where cannabis companies are operating.