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Industrial Sonomechanics

ISM is a research & development, equipment design and process consulting firm, specializing in scalable high-intensity ultrasonic technology. Our main focus is on the production of nanoemulsions, nanocrystals, and liposomes for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical cannabis, and food industries. Other target applications include viscous liquid degassing, cell disruption, particle deagglomeration/dispersing, and plant oil extraction. Our mission is to help businesses optimize these ultrasound-assisted processes and implement them in commercial-scale production.

One of the most common application of our high-amplitude ultrasonic processors is the production of food- and pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid nanoemulsions on laboratory, bench and industrial scales. See how in this video:

Benefits of the ultrasonic production of cannabis oil nanoemulsions include: – Make water-soluble CBD and THC nanoemulsions with enhanced bioavailability and rapid onset of action. – Ensure precise and reproducible therapeutic dosing.

– Infuse water with a strong dose of cannabinoids while retaining optical clarity.

– Achieve cannabinoid content of up to 50 mg/ml.

High ultrasonic amplitudes able to generate intense acoustic cavitation are required for most processes. Unlike conventional ultrasonic devices, ISM’s patented BHUT makes it possible to produce extremely high ultrasonic amplitudes at any scale, from laboratory to industrial, guaranteeing reproducible results after scale-up. Our experienced consultants will be glad to discuss your process and implement it in your production environment.