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Our Story

Rooted in Canada, Evolved Extraction is proud to serve a marketplace that accepts and incentivizes the exploration of cannabis-derived products. We have partnered with leading licensed North American producers to optimize and fuel their extraction process under the guidance of the globe’s most progressive regulating body.

We pledge that our product performance will achieve the goals set out together. Informed by an in-depth opportunity analysis and validated by an on-site performance review, we tailor configurations to empower your production aspirations and supply from North America’s largest inventory of extractor parts and consumables.

Our job is only complete once our on-site Performance Review ensures that your solution is able to perform to the results defined by our agreement.

Evolved is your premier end-to-end extraction equipment, solutions & supply partner.

 Rooted in Canada to serve an emerging global marketplace, we equip leading licensed cannabis processors with customized extraction equipment and provide ongoing support through our large inventory of extraction parts, solvents, and processing inputs.