Cannabis Equipment Marketplace



What We Do

Enlighten helps companies in the cannabis space better understand, navigate and reach customers throughout the entire customer journey. Enlighten provides technology solutions and marketing services so clients can identify, attract and retain new customers, increase profitability, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

How We Do It

Enlighten’s team of technologists, data analysts and marketing professionals work hands-on with clients to identify, attract and retain new customers, and unlock new opportunities that will increase profitability and help them gain competitive advantages in the market. Large cannabis companies and non-cannabis companies looking to reach cannabis consumers use Enlighten’s enterprise-grade technology, trusted data, transparency and custom marketing solutions to influence and navigate the entire customer journey; from creating brand awareness and driving foot traffic into the store, to guiding the in-store experience, influencing purchase habits and increasing basket sizes once they are in the door. Enlighten also supports small and emerging brands in the market with a simple and effective self-service platform, Adsuite.