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RFID Tracking Solutions for Cannabis Growers

CYBRA Corporation is a developer of RFID tracking software solutions for cannabis growers and distributors. CYBRA’s RFID software platform, Edgefinity IoT, empowers cannabis growers to track plants and inventory throughout their supply chain. From seed to sale, growers can maintain inventory control in order to maintain inventory accuracy, develop clear chain of custody for products, and be prepared for audits, recalls, and any other supply chain challenges.

Along with cannabis tracking, CYBRA provides tracking solutions for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, and distribution. Solutions from CYBRA include Asset Tracking, Carrier Labeling, Real Time Location Tracking, and Work in Process Tracking.

Thousands of brands worldwide trust CYBRA’s software tools to improve operational efficiency. Request a free consultation today to learn how CYBRA can help your cannabis operations.