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Cilicon is a globally trusted cannabis vape brand and technology platform. In Cilicon, innovative cannabis vape solution  makes cannabis easier, smarter & more effective. By entering the next generation cannabis vaping, our core vape technologies drive our future and continue to contribute our partner success. As an open cananbis vaporizer platform. to all industry participators, we maintain the spirit of innovation and perfection to delight our customers with diverse cannabis vape solutions and equip you with competitve edges in business growth.

CILICON DESIGNED platform aims to provide a cost-effective solution to cannabis vape participators. Customers can invest less capital in product design and gain product exclusivity to test the water. Since many cannabis entrepreneurs lack R&D support and funding, CILICON believes a single technology is not a barrier for a start-up. Still, valuable technologies group itself is critical for brand success. You don’t have technology? CILICON designed for you!