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Aptia Engineering


Aptia Engineering is a specialized engineering & manufacturing firm delivering equipment that is powerful, efficient, and dependable. We work to reduce your total cost of ownership by optimizing our systems for throughput, efficiency, capital investment, and durability. Aptia’s equipment is innovative and robust, giving our clients the distinct competitive edge.

Aptia was founded by a team of expert chemical, mechanical and process engineers determined to provide large scale, fully optimized and dependable processing solutions. Our development process for each system starts with mathematical modeling, extends through multiple rounds of design, and ends with rigorous final field testing. The engineering team at 

Aptia carefully examines and selects every valve, component and fitting to provide maximum life in its specific application.

Our industry leading processes include Ethanol Extraction, Solvent Recovery, Winterization, Degumming and Wiped Film Distillation, as well as custom solutions.