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AirMed Canada Systems Inc., headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, develops seed-to-sale business solutions for the Canadian cannabis industry.

Back in 2014, a group of tech visionaries recognized the opportunities in the emerging cannabis industry in Canada and began building the AirMed software system. Originally designed to help licensed producers meet compliance, AirMed has evolved into a comprehensive business management solution for the Canadian cannabis industry.

With the introduction of the AirMed Ecosystem, AirMed offers a turn-key solution with integrated hardware and software to help producers become more productive and profitable.

AirMed’s founders have decades of experience in the technology sector with expertise creating business-to-business applications for highly regulated industries including pharmaceutical, healthcare, law enforcement and financial services.

A dynamic group of developers and customer service personnel make up your AirMed team. From integration with third-party systems to guidelines for amending standard operating procedures, AirMed staff can assist you at every stage of Health Canada licensing and success in production. AirMed customers have access to a comprehensive sandbox to learn and hone their skills using the full range of features. And AirMed software is hosted in a PCI-compliant security environment at a premier Canadian Tier-3 data centre with guaranteed uptime and full business continuity/recovery.