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TSRgrow Expands GROWHub™ Software to Include Crop Steering with TSRgrow LED Lighting

TSRgrow announces the expansion of their GROWHub Software to include crop steering with TSRgrow Advanced LED Lighting. The latest TSRgrow lighting control software is designed to give cultivators the ability to create unlimited lighting zones within their facility and use lighting to crop steer and drive plant growth through integration with GROWHub environmental monitoring sensors, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and VPD.  

“Great Resignation” Creates Cannabis Labor Shortages

Las Vegas, NV, April 26, 2022:: — Unfilled jobs in the food-service and hospitality industries are making it difficult for cannabis companies to retain entry-level employees, prompting some cultivators to change how they operate to gain a competitive advantage in the labor market.

Partnership Announcement: Dispense + Onfleet

Onfleet, the fastest-growing provider of last-mile delivery management software, announced today that it has partnered with Dispense to provide cannabis dispensaries with an e-commerce management platform that makes doing business easier than ever.