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CO2 Enrichment

What is CO2 Enrichment?

CO2 enrichment is the process of increasing the amount of carbon dioxide to a level higher than what is normally in fresh air.

Higher levels of CO2 than normal in air can be caused by human or animal respiration in an enclosed area, by natural off-gassing of CO2 from the ground, or by combustion or compressed CO2 gas.

What makes CO2 enrichment unique is that it is purposely done by indoor growers or in greenhouses to increase plant growth, and flowering and to speed the time to harvest.

Automation and innovative design of BUCHI’s new Spray Dryer markedly improve spray drying performance

June 2022, Flawil, Switzerland – BUCHI Labortechnik, the global market leader in spray drying equipment for the last 40 years, has launched the Mini Spray Dryer S-300, a new generation of spray drying systems. The latest instrument combines novel automation capabilities and innovative system design for unmatched efficiency, reproducibility and safety during the spray drying …

Automation and innovative design of BUCHI’s new Spray Dryer markedly improve spray drying performance Read More »

Monitoring Water Activity Levels in Cannabis – What You Need to Know

Water Activity in Cannabis Guide

What is water activity in cannabis, and why do you need to keep an eye on it? Monitoring water activity on-site is one of the best benefits of investing in in-house cannabis testing, and if you master this measurement, you’ll never deal with mold or other microbes again. In this guide, learn what water activity is in cannabis, and find out how to measure cannabis water activity using in-house testing equipment.

crop steering

TSRgrow Expands GROWHub™ Software to Include Crop Steering with TSRgrow LED Lighting

TSRgrow announces the expansion of their GROWHub Software to include crop steering with TSRgrow Advanced LED Lighting. The latest TSRgrow lighting control software is designed to give cultivators the ability to create unlimited lighting zones within their facility and use lighting to crop steer and drive plant growth through integration with GROWHub environmental monitoring sensors, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and VPD.