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How Supply Chain Issues are Increasing Demand for Used Cannabis Equipment

With the increasing demand of medical and recreational cannabis, along with corresponding supply chain issues, there is mounting pressure on cannabis businesses. Whether it’s a backorder of product, lack of packaging materials, or any number of other complications, many cannabis companies have been left with less-than-ideal supply situations.

Client Case Study: WAAYB Organic Discusses Their Success Using the MAZ Mixer

At ATG, we love nothing more than providing our clients with the filing solutions they need specific to their business. That’s why we are thrilled to share more wins our clients are having after purchasing our equipment. Most recently, we had the opportunity to speak to the Chief Product office, Taylor Coomer from WAAYB Organics, to discuss their teams’ successes and production experience since purchasing the MAZ Mixer. 

American Cannabis Company discusses a new, more hands-on approach to cannabis consulting.

In traditional models, hiring a consulting firm to help improve your cannabis operation meant signing a contract and paying a fee for advice specific to your operation. The process often starts with bringing in experts who evaluate the existing processes and equipment, design the best recipe for the facility to flourish, and then they walk away, leaving it up to the grower to follow the plan.