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Mobius M60 Mill: Small Pre-Roll Producers Get Big Equipment Upgrade

  Mobius Releases New Cannabis Grinder Based on Trickle-Down Tech Las Vegas, NV — Mobius, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis processing equipment, today released a scaled-down cannabis mill that delivers the precision and grind quality of industrial mills at a lower price point. Visit Mobius’ Store on Cannabis Tech’s Marketplace Mobius M60 Mill The …

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What is the difference between Live Resin and Live Rosin?

The reputations of Live Resin and Live Rosin have been growing quickly amongst the cannabis savvy consumer. The increased demand for extracts sporting fresh flavours and well-preserved mono-terpene profiles has caused more extraction professionals and companies to consider adopting these methods.

In this article, we identify some of the differences between these two product formats, the processes behind their creation, and how to decide if they’re right for you and your customers.

Why Your Extraction Centrifuge Shafts are Failing and How we Solved it

Is your ethanol centrifuge breaking down and costing you time and money?

In large-scale ethanol extraction, the centrifuge is the centerpiece and workhorse of the entire extraction process. Excessive wear and tear, due to the sheer forces and workloads pushed onto these pieces of equipment, can lead to costly downtime and hard-to-find replacement of parts with long lead times.

In this article, we discusses the EV-MASS ethanol centrifuge and why its a game changer for so many of our customers. Through rigorous research and testing, our ethanol centrifuge provides significant improvements to shaft strength and vibration mitigation, alongside our extensive inventory of critical parts and key components.

Cannabis Cultivation Facility CO2 Safety

Cannabis Cultivation Facility CO2 Safety

CO2 in Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis cultivation facility CO2 safety is important. There is more to running a cannabis cultivation facility than just growing plants. While trends in the cannabis space continue to expand into indoor production, their size and use of new technologies are changing rapidly.

With the growth of cannabis cultivation and the conflicting state and national laws, the states have taken on the all-encompassing oversight roles. From guidelines and permitting through to tax collection and dedicated spending formulas, each state must create its own set of rules and regulations for the industry to follow. While some replicate models created in other states this loose network of rulemaking has lead to a variety of disparate restrictions like limiting the number of grow licenses or the square footage of facilities. For example, Marijuana Network stated, “The state of Florida only issued seven cultivation licenses while New York just extended its limit from five to ten!” 

For this and other reasons, building a cultivation facility from the ground up is expensive, complicated, and requires continuous monitoring and maintenance. Yet, with the right construction, personnel, and processes the end results can be lucrative. 

How to Implement CO2 in Your Grow

How to Implement CO2 to your Grow

Every cannabis grower’s dream is to harvest big, sticky buds. To increase plant yield, indoor growers pay attention to the big 3: water, nutrients and light.

However, modern growers know adding carbon dioxide to the grow space can also benefit them and take their yields from good to great.

Indoor Farming Applications and CO2

Indoor Farming Applications and CO2

Whether you are looking for CO2 as a means for supplementation, enrichment, fumigation, yield growth, production, or produce quality; the carbon dioxide gas is essential.

CO2 Enrichment

What is CO2 Enrichment?

CO2 enrichment is the process of increasing the amount of carbon dioxide to a level higher than what is normally in fresh air.

Higher levels of CO2 than normal in air can be caused by human or animal respiration in an enclosed area, by natural off-gassing of CO2 from the ground, or by combustion or compressed CO2 gas.

What makes CO2 enrichment unique is that it is purposely done by indoor growers or in greenhouses to increase plant growth, and flowering and to speed the time to harvest.

CO2 Safety for Indoor Cannabis Growers

CO2 Safety for Indoor Cannabis Growers

Carbon dioxide, otherwise referred to as “CO2”, is critical when it comes to promoting and enhancing plant yields. Hence, the reason that many indoor growers and cultivators all utilize the inert gas as a key component to their “growth recipe”.

This is in part because CO2, along with water and light are all necessary parts of photosynthesis. A process used by plants in order to convert light energy into chemical energy that can later be released to fuel the plants metabolic activities.