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Cannabis businesses can now grow higher volumes of stickier weed with Trym’s new crop steering capabilities

Novato, California   August 24, 2021 Trym, an innovative cannabis cultivation software company, announced today the release of a crop-steering module, empowering cultivation businesses to produce higher volumes of quality cannabis through the combination of sensors and data-analytics. 

Crop steering, a long-standing practice in large-scale greenhouse vegetable farming, is the manipulation of a controlled environment to elicit a desired response in a crop. In cannabis cultivation, the desired result is typically higher yields and improved quality.

Trym customer and early adopter,Randy Hansen, Co-founder and COO of Pacific Grove, an indoor craft cannabis producer located in Portland, OR, has yielded exciting results from just one harvest with the new technology. 

“We’re always looking to achieve more terpenes and higher THC content in our product, because that’s what the Oregon market demands.” said Randy. “Since we started crop steering with Trym, it’s a night and day difference. Some of the stickiest weed we’ve seen yet.” 

Since launching their Metrc integration in 2019, Trym became the first cannabis cultivation software to combine environmental sensor integrations, task management, and compliance tracking together in a single platform. 

A unique attribute of Trym’s crop steering module is it’s flexible sensor integrations with technology providers Growlink and Trolmaster. “We’ve focused our offering around flexible integrations, so growers are empowered to pick the hardware that works best for their facility,” said Benjamin Wong, Co-founder and COO of Trym. 

Trym’s crop-steering functionalities include:

  • Grow Log: a digital news feed for your grow! View employee tasks, notes, measurements, and METRC actions in chronological order on every room

  • Flexible sensor integrations: integrate climate and root zone conditions into Trym for real-time visibility into how each plant group is performing.

  • Crop registration: log observations along with photos of your plants for a complete record of each harvest.

  • Customizable graphs: visualize conditions in real-time and look back at historical data for each group of plants.

About Trym

Founded in Novato, California in 2018, Trym software is custom-built for commercial cannabis growers. Trym boosts production efficiency, empowers team members, and turns insights into strategic decisions. Trym’s comprehensive platform supports growers in optimizing and managing daily operations to increase profitability and  scale faster. The company currently operates in 18 U.S. states and works with many of the largest cultivators and multi-state operators in the country. The Trym mobile app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. 

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